Rainy Day Fun

Spring and Summer provide warm weather for outdoor fun and the kiddos love the opportunity to get out of the house, but every once and awhile rain may darken your sunny days leaving you all cooped up indoors. We have compiled a list of creative and fun activities to prevent everyone in the family from going a little stir-crazy and getting the rainy day blues.

Bowling with water bottles

Bring a little bowling into your home while staying eco-friendly! Grab those empty water bottles out of the trash, wrap them with white paper, and number them all for instant bowling pins! Use any type of lightweight ball that you are sure to have lying around the house and play to your heart’s content. To add a little more creativity, paint the bottles or add something fun inside a clear bottle such as glitter or marbles for a more challenging element.

Sticky note mural

One of our favorite ideas comes from InnerChild.com. Just because you are stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of flowers. Bring flowers to life in your own home with sticky notes! Use a little craft paper to create key pieces such as branches and stems on the walls. Cut shapes out of sticky notes to create petals, leaves, and grass. The kids will love to get the chance to decorate the walls with their masterpieces. This fun activity is inexpensive and most importantly, temporary. No stick goo stuck to your wall and the paper can be removed and the design can be recreated again and again.

Rainbow rice

The idea of playing with rice in lieu of sand is genius. Rice is in almost everyone’s pantry at all times and much less messy than a sandbox, plus it can be played with indoors! What makes this activity even better? Color! With a little rice, food coloring, and some rubbing alcohol, your little ones will keep themselves occupied for hours. Additionally, this activity provides sensory skills while in play. For full instructions, check out Share & Remember.


If you haven’t heard of crayon art, then you are in for a treat!! Using crayons, some glue, and a blow dryer enables you the opportunity to create your own personalized piece of art. Glue crayons onto a white canvas in any order your would like. Keep colors together by group or create a rainbow. Make sure the name on the paper is showing and that all crayons are lined up equally. Get really creative with this, there are sooo many options!!! With crayon points facing down, lean the board onto a wall (or another surface) which is protected (there will be splatter) and use the blow dryer to melt.

Crayon Art on EtsyCrayon Art has become so popular, that there are projects like this one for sale on Etsy!

We hope you have fun with these crafty rain day ideas and if you have some of your own, please share with us. Don’t forget to let your imagination run wild and try to limit the tv time for the little ones! A little imagination, goes a long way!

Image Sources: Education.com, Innerchildfun.com, Share & Remember, Sunflower Storytime, ETSY


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  1. […] just love projects using crayons and have previously written about a colorful idea in our Rainy Day Fun post. We’ve managed to track down quite a few projects involving crayon art for your teacher […]

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