What it means to volunteer

Volunteering isn’t just for adults anymore. The saying, “one person can make a difference” really is true and so many people have proved this statement to be an affective one. Individuals of all ages have made a difference in their own way, and it is of the utmost importance to teach the value of volunteering and giving at a young age.

The most recent of extroiBoston Styrong t-shirtdinary volunteers stems from the Boston Marathon bombings when two college students jumped into action raising a half million dollars for the victems within a week of the tragic event. Emerson College junior Nick Reynolds and freshman Chris Dobens came up with the idea to create t-shirts in the Boston colors of blue and yellow, rightfully titled “Boston Strong” within hours of the bombings. The duo paired up with “Ink to the People” to design the shirts and ALL net proceeds are donated to The One Fund. Through social media, orders for the supporting tees sky rocked creating the framework for other companies to jump on board creating t-shirt designs of their own.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are several programs which allow you to search for volunteer opportunities within your local town, allowing you to choose from a variety of topics that match your personal interests.

Volunteers of America has created the “Action Team”, a program in which Major Action Team of Volunteers of AmericaLeague Baseball Players Trust have teamed up with Volunteers of America in an effort to encourage teens to participate in volunteering in their local communities. The program allows individuals to create a team of their own or join an existing one.

Volunteer Match supports over 92,000 organizations by bringing non profits, volunteers, and business leaders together online. Search via your zip code for an extensive list of local opportunities in need of support.

Girl ScoutsThe Boys and Girl Scouts of America has been around for decades and provides a network for youngsters to get involved with service programs, in addition to creating a social environment all within a learning process. Starting as young as 5 for girls and 7 for boys, children are able to join the programs and become involved, leading all the way into adulthood at which point volunteering is available.

Volunteer Maryland is for those local to Maryland and offers extensive training for individuals seeking the position of volunteer coordinator. Follow Volunteer Maryland on Facebook for updates and events.

Take a browse through some of our recommended sites and get involved. With so many organizations in need of help, you are sure to find one that is relatable to your life. Volunteering is an affective way to spend time with the family, while teaching your children the value of helping others. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to start an orginazation of your own, one person’s efforts can go a long way!

If you are already volunteering, tell us about your organization in the comment section below!


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