Celebrate the teachers in your child’s life

The school year is quickly coming to a close and we love to celebrate teachers for all they have done throughout the year. We’ve compiled a list of fun projects for the kiddos to work on as a way to say thank you to their dedicated instructors.

Here are some of our favorites:

PencilCreate a large pencil filled with goodies using some scrapbook paper, empty Pringle’s containers, and glue. Write the teachers name on the side and have the kids decorate them for personalization. Try to include some of your teachers favorites. Anything from candy to needed school supplies will surely be appreciated. Add a few pencils inside for laughs!

We know you have probably seen these before, but they are so much fun! Pom-Pom Pens are very versatile and may be personalized in so many ways. Use fabric, ribbon, or DSC03917even colorful duct tape to decorate plain pens and pretty them up! Opt for fun patterns, or get real personal and choose fabrics with you teachers favorite sports teams. Put together a dozen or so and pop them into a vase to make them look like a beautiful flower bouquet. Your teach won’t realize how crafty your masterpiece is until she gets an up close view!

We just love projects using crayons and have previously written about a colorful idea in our Rainy Day Fun post. We’ve managed to track down quite a few projects involving crayon art for your teacher appreciation gift.

tipjunkiewreathFirst up is a crayon wreath. Add your instructor’s name or initials with little mementos that are related to school and teachers.

An alternative to this idea, is a crayon monogram framed. crayon-monogram

And our personal favorite is a combination of the two, a crayon monogram wreath!

081part2The last of our crayon crafts is a unique picture frame. Using a matte or wood frame and a large box of crayons, you’ll have a classic gift in no time!


We wanted to end our gift ideas on a sweet note with this smores gift set! This idea provides a great play on words while providing a sweet treat. Just put ingredients in a baggie, print out the label on cardstock and staple to the bag. This sweet idea is great if you have more than one teacher to gift.smore

We hope you love these fun crafty finds as much as we do! Get creative and send us some pictures of your unique ideas! Let’s celebrate and appreciate teachers together!

*Note-click on any of the photos above to connect to the link with step-by-step instructions.

Photo sources: Glue Sticks and Tape, SewSara, Domesticated Lady, Fern Smith’s Classroom ideas, Fancy Frugal Life, Melissa’s Bargains, CraftyworkinMommy


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