Road Trip Activities

It’s summer and time for vacations! It may seem like a good idea to drive to your destination rather than fly, but oftentimes kids can drive you up the wall while en route. Check out this list of fun road trip activities to keep your family busy while on the road.

First up, a DIY Magnet tray. This tray is a great multi-purpose item to take along for the ride. Purchase an inexpensive cookie tray and print out some pictures, or recycle them from old magazines. Laminate and attach magnets.

Using letters offers up some educational time while on the go. Flip the tray over to use as a coloring/drawing surface. The raised edge on the sides provides as the perfect catch for smaller items such as cars and other tiny toys.

Road Trip Bingo is a useful way to get the kiddos distracted while in the car. Print out these free bingo cards from MomsMinivan. This website is a must see for a variety of traveling print outs including battleship, a scavenger hunt, song lyrics, and much more!

Road Trip BingoCheck out for alternative road trip bingo cards for younger kids.Scribd

Crayola Washable markers

Pick up a pack of washable window markers and let the kids go to town! When they get board, just erase and let them start over with a new pallet. Plus, their artwork gets displayed to other travelers and can go from one town to the next.

Momsminivan tickets

Tickets-we just love this great idea posted on MomsMinivan using tickets. Choose between Travel or Reward tickets which can be printed directly from the website. Travel tickets are used to help children understand the concept of how much time and/or distance is left on the road.

16922108-cartoon-man-with-thinking-bubbleA little game called “I’m thinking of….” involves creative ideas and inspires the little ones to explore their minds. One person says, “I’m thinking of….” and chooses a category- “a place”. The other players take turns asking questions and takes guesses as to what the thinker has in mind. Similar to 20 questions, but in this game, the amount of questions are endless until the guessers either give up or figure out the answer. If everyone gives up, the thinker gets to go again. If someone guesses correctly, then they are the next one to be the thinker.

A blank notebook works wonderfully as a travel log to document fun stories and events that occurred while on the road. Draw in frames to add future photos or glue in dried flowers from your favorite place. Collect natural items such as sand in a zip lock bag and tape into your book. Make it a collection of memories that tell a story of your family vacation for years to come.spottedcanary

We love this hand crayon box that we discovered on Spotted Canary. What a great way to store your child’s favorite colors while traveling. Using a decorated metal container like a recycled band-aide box works perfectly for preventing broken crayons. Moms, this isn’t just for your road trips, stash one of these crafty containers in your purse for future use when the kiddos start getting rowdy at the restaurant.

Photo Sources-Lake Air, MomsMinivan,,, SpottedCanary


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