Creative School Lunch ideas

School is back in session (we know you’re happy) and you want the kiddos to eat those healthy lunches you’ve packed for them. It’s likely you’ve seen many full lunches return home, minus the snacks of course. Well, it’s time to get creative. We have put together some of our favorite clever food designs to keep your little ones excited to open those lunch boxes. Have a look at our fun findings:

Creative-Lunches-for-favorite-son-4Creative-Lunches-for-favorite-son-13Creative-Lunches-for-favorite-son-8Belle lunch bento-day-64-muppet-mania-cant-wait-to-see-the  The Office Stylist untitled Snoopy img_7927wtmk  Creative-Lunches-for-favorite-son-11 Frog Monsters Inc lunch

Do you have any creative ideas of your own? Snap a shot and send them our way! Email Laeticia@Freestatesports,com or post them on our facebook page!

Photo Sources-LunchboxAwesome, MeettheDubeins, 9Gag, TodayShow, The Office Stylist, How Stuff Works, Sticky Boy Daily,, SusanYuen, People


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