Benefits of Cinnamon

Written by on September 18, 2013


The temperature has dropped and there is a chill in the air reminds us that the fall season is right around the corner. Just walk into a grocery store and you will be overwhelmed by the smell of freshly baked pies and cinnamon brushed pinecones. The smells are amazing and reminiscent of the ever so close holiday season. While you are filling your cart with items on your shopping list, don’t forget to stop by the spice aisle and pick up some more cinnamon. As a matter of fact, just head on over to your local wholesale club and stock up on this treasured spice.

Dating back to 2800 BC, Cinnamomum zeylanicum is native to Sri Lanka and was later used for medicinal purposes during Medieval Times. Physicians would use it for ailments including coughing, soar throat, and hoarseness. So what are the known benefits of cinnamon in today’s modern culture? Have a look for yourself:

Fights tooth decay and gum disease the anti-bacterial properties helps rid harmful bacteria without damaging teeth or gums. Have you noticed that cinnamon is a common flavor amongst mouthwash, gum, and toothpastes?

Sore throat, colds, and cough-just as history has proven, the warming properties of cinnamon help to increase blood flow which in turn improved blood oxygen levels in an effort to fight against illness. At the first sight of symptoms, sip on some warm cinnamon tea to help ease throat ailments.

Controls blood sugar levels and is therefore helpful to those with type 2 Diabetes by increasing the amount of insulin production

Arthritis and Osteoporosis-cinnamon has high levels of manganese which the body needs for optimum health according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

•Good for cancer prevention-evidence suggests that cinnamon starves cancer cells and studies show positive results among both leukemia and lymphoma

•Candida (yeast infection of the body) is unable to live in a cinnamon environment due to it’s antifungal properties.

•Alzheimer’s-studies show that cinnamon is able to delay the effects of 5 different strands of Alzheimers.

•IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)-reduces bloating and kills bacteria in the GI tract. Feeling stomach cramps? Drink a few cups of cinnamon tea a day for relief.

Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL)-using a 1/2 teaspoon a day is an effective way to bring down your numbers.

•Improves memory-a German study found that cinnamon increases concentration and memory recall. Just the smell of cinnamon alone helps with cognitive functioning.

Weight loss has been associated with cinnamon consumption because it thins blood causing an increase in blood flow. In return your body experiences a boost in metabolism.

Cinnamon has been found to be a natural remedy for headaches and migraines

PMS the University of Maryland found that women consuming a diet high in manganese experienced far fewer cramps and mood swings associated with PMS

Other uses for cinnamon include:

•Fights E.Coli-mix with hydrogen peroxide and spray on your counter tops, sink, and cutting boards.

•Used in massage therapy-perfect for easing muscle pain when combined with essential warmed oils.

•Food preservative-cinnamon prevents bacterial growth. Sprinkle some on your bread to make it last longer.

Hair growth-stimulates your scalp. Try a hair mask which includes cinnamon.

Plum those lips-forget the Botox, just mix a dash of cinnamon with Vaseline and rub away for a smoldering look.

•Create a scrub to alleviate dry skin

Have a look at this long list of recipes which include cinnamon and if you have one of your own, be sure to send it our way!

Photo source-Blisstree

Reminder :Too much of anything is a bad thing. Although cinnamon is beneficial to your health, it is possible to have negative effects if over used. Please consult your doctor.


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