October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

Written by on October 3, 2013


The internet is the most abundant and utilized resource available to individuals across the planet. It provides the ability to connect with loved ones that you haven’t seen in years, or research information in the amount of time it takes to say the word research.

But oftentimes, with the good comes the bad. The explosion of social media (while a valued commodity) has given bullies the opportunity to successfully terrorize their prey while hiding behind the shadows of their computer screen. The hatred they spew may be fun and games in their minds, but to the victim, it can be life altering.

In the past few years, news reports have been flooded with stories of our youth taking their own life after becoming the target of online bullying. Thankfully, not all of these cases end tragically, but even so, the victim may end up with years of torment and suffering that can last into adulthood with negative lifelong results.

The month of October has been dedicated towards raising awareness against bullying. Websites such as Stop Bullying.gov and the National bullying prevention center have been created to provide an understanding of the definition of bullying, how it occurs, who is at risk, prevention, and how to respond in the event that an individual should face the unfortunate situation.


What can I do right now?

Download documents to assist with training of personnel at your local schools, day care, or just for yourself and other parents or family members. Sign an online petition against bullying and share via social media sites and email.

Race to raise awareness against bullying by participating in Run Walk Roll Against Bullying 5K taking place on October 27 at Western Regional Park.

Classrooms can get involved by joining in Project Connect, an idea to create a peaceful chain out of orange construction paper linked together with hopeful messages written on them by students.ProjectConnect-Pic1a


Ray of Hope Wristband

Baltimore Raven’s Running Back Rack Rice has been a strong advocate for anti-bullying campaigns effectively bringing attention to the topic. He has created the Ray of Hope wristband which reads, ““You can be a HERO to someone, just by being their friend!” in an effort to raise funds for the cause.

Additionally Mr. Rice has collaborated with the website Booster to put together t-shirts for bullying prevention. The company will manufacture the shirts once 100 have been ordered. With less than two weeks left, they are almost half way there so head over and order yours!

Check out this page for a variety of bullying prevention tees create by other celebrities.



Remember if you see something, say something! It could save a life.



Other helpful sites include Kids Against Bullying, Teens Against Bullying, and Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC)



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