7 DIY Halloween Treats!

Written by on October 23, 2013


Can you believe it’s almost Halloween? Gather the family around the cauldron and whip up some spooky treats for All Hallows Eve!

We’ve scoured the skeleton cupboards for Halloween treats for you, but beware of the creepy crawlies. Grab your ghouls and goblins and start your bubbling.

(click on photos for original link and recipe)

Cue the scary music as you pass out these headstone cups. Cumble up oreos (minus the cream) or chocolate cake mix, through a cookie on top and write RIP on them. Add party- goers names on each one for added affect.


From one brain to another, we’ve encountered these bloody, yucky brain cupcakes. While mom may gag at the sight of sticking one of these in her mouth, the boys are sure to love them!!

Find brain candy molds or brain jelly candies to pop on top. Another option is a walnut.


Vampire Bite

Doesn’t get much simpler than this: two cookies, red frosting, and marshmellows. Muahahaha!


Back to the cemetary we go. This time it’s a fully graveyard made of cake-chocolate of course.

Crumble a dark candy of your choice on top and add peanut cookies dipped in white chocolate or lathered with white icing.

Use black icing for the eyes.


Mummy links. Use a prepackaged dough (or prepare your own) and wrap around a sausage link of your choosing.

Cut longer links in half to double your amount! Add mustard dots for the eyes.


For an alternate version, wrap with noodles and stick them inside of small coffins that can be found at party stores.


 I have a funny feeling someone is looking at me…..there’s an eyeball in my glass!

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with this oogly-eyed recipe using radishes and olives!


We love this o-so-creepy cheese platter!

Grab a cheese ball, shape it into a skull, and stick some olives in for eyeballs-so simple!


Check out our Fall Fun board on Pinterest for some more Halloween fun!

If you’ve come up with some ghoulish treats of your own, snap a photo and share with us on our Facebook page!

Photo Sources- Ididafunny.com, Goddessaday, MarthaStewart, ImprovementsCatalog, Springpad


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