Pumpkin Decorating

Written by on October 16, 2013

Angry Birds Pumpkin Mummy pumpkin

We are well into October and before you know it, Halloween will be here! Better scurry over to the pumpkin patch before the pickins get slim. While tradition has it, people have been picking pumpkins and carving scary faces into them for decades. In more recent years, the customary scary side of Halloween has gravitated towards the direction of humor and fun; cue The Mario Brother’s and Salt & Peper Shaker’s!

For the youngest of Halloween fans, carving a pumpkin can be quite tricky, not to mention mom and dad probably aren’t letting them too close to the carving tools. As a result, alternate pumpkin decorating has come forward in a multitude of ways incorporating crafty ideas for the family. Look at the fun ideas we’ve found!

Cookie Monster Pumpkin

Toddlers will love this brightly painted blue Cookie Monster sitting on your doorstep. Hand out individually wrapped cookies to keep it unique!
Beachy pumpkin

A beach pumpkin! We suspect this is an idea generated by those that once lived in a warm locale, but are now bundling up with the rest of us where the weather outside gets frightful!

Black cat

Black cats are symbolic of Halloween, just don’t put them in a place where you may find yourselve crossing their paths!

burger Anyone hungry?

Candy corn pumpkin

Who loves candy corn? Nothing screams fall like the site of these tri-colored candies on store shelves. Add some creativity to it and dress up your pumpkin like your favorite animal of the night.



princess pumpkin
Which is your favorite? MiceCan’t forget her friends!!!

Football pumpkin

Celebrate football season with this creative football pumpkin. We suggest using a artificial pumpkin found at your local craft store and painting it with your team name.   Pooh pumpkin


Snow pumpkin

A little Disney Magic! Tis the Season!!!

Crayon Pumpkin

You’ve seen it before, DIY melted crayon art. It seems to be the new craze and now has come to life on pumpkins everywhere. Opt for a white pumpkin to really give the colors a bright pop!

If you don’t want to waste crayons, simply recycle your candle wax once it’s melted.
Spider pumpkin


Keep it old school with this Franken Pumpkin.Jeweled pumpkin

Every girl loves jewels, dress up your pumpkin with gems to make it sparkle!Lite up pumpkin
Dads jump at the chance to bring out the tools, pick a pattern and get to drilling!

Superhero pumpkin

We know that little boys everywhere will be itching to have a super hero pumpkin at their house! (Dads too)

If you have ideas of your own, send them our way. We love seeing new creativity!!! Happy carving, paiting, drilling, glueing, and decorating!!!


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