How To Lose Weight and Feel Great


With New Years just passing, many people have set a goal to lose weight this year. While it is a great goal, it is not a great idea to do it in an unhealthy manner. losing weight in a healthy way takes time and patience but in the end the results are worth the weight. losing weight the right way will also give you an energy boost and have you looking and feeling great along the way. There are many healthy way to lose weight and when you combine healthy eating, exercise, and a healthy sleeping routine, you are bound to get the results that you have craved for so long.


To begin, you want to drink more water. By incorporating more water into your diet, your body can better process food and run your organs. Drinking more water also helps cleanse your skin of toxins leaving you looking and feeling refreshed. The best way to do this is carrying water wherever you go. The benefits of drinking more water are enormous but  one of the important ones is that it can help lessen your appetite. Drinking 8 oz. of water before each meal prevents you from overeating. Which, in the long run, lowers your calorie intake and creates weight loss.

eat healthy

Another way to lose weight is to change your diet. Stick with grilled and broiled and not fried or sautéed foods. Replacing butter and cream for pepper and chives creates a healthier palate.  Watch for foods that are covered with stuff like bread crumbs or sauce; make it a habit to be able to see your food in its original cooked form without a mask. Eating foods in their original form (before the grease, breading, seasoning, and sauces) also eliminates all of the unneeded calories and fats.  If you crave chocolate, eat dark chocolate but keep it to a piece no larger than your powder compact. You can also replace your sweet tooth cravings with healthy sweets. Instead of having a strawberry milkshake, have a homemade strawberry smoothie, with just strawberries, nonfat yogurt and ice. The best thing to do is to be aware of exactly what you are eating. Not just to count your calories but to be conscious of how healthy your meals are. it is better to eat a meal with the daily nutrients you need than to eat a granola bar to keep your calories low.

Its understandable that some fatty foods or topping are choices you don’t want to cut from your diet. In this case, order yous fats on the side. When you order a salad, ask for the ranch dressing on the side. Yes, it’s fattening ranch, whatever, but instead of pouring it over your salad, dip your fork in it and then grab the veggies. This choice allows you have control of how much dressing is on your salad. This can also be great way to eat baked potatoes, hamburger (mayo on the side) or pasta with alfredo on the side. (Try to choose tomato sauce, it’s healthier.)

Fats on the side include:

  • mayo
  • creamy salad dressings
  • butter
  • sour cream
  • cream cheese

Another way to lose weight is to make your own meals. This is the healthiest way you can eat if you cook low calorie and low fat meals.  You have the control over every aspect of your meal and chances are you will add less fat, less sugar and less salt than any restaurant or fast food place. this also allows you to be aware of the amount of calories and nutrient you are taking in. To be honest, it will probably taste better too. Home cooked meals take time to cook and if you munch on some veggies or fruits while you cook, chances are you will not eat as much during your meals.

Now everyone has a splurge moment or a cheat day. Its normal. Pick your favorite food, pick a day of the week and eat it. For example,  if you love ice cream.  Save it for Friday nights when you can sit, watch a movie and enjoy my favorite snack. Looking forward to that evening all week will keeps you motivated to stay on track with my meal plan and exercise.

And you know what else? if you splurge every so often you are less likely to cheat during the week. It’s true.  It is like rewarding yourself for good behavior.


Now lets be honest, you can’t forget about exercise. work in some movement at least 30 minutes a day. this is why its better to eat healthy nutrient filled meals instead of a small unhealthy snack. The nutrients give you energy to keep moving. Also, after working out, you will feel a boost of energy. Personally, after a great work out, I want to do it all over again. You can even cut your moving into segments of 10 minutes 3 times a day but I would recommend the 30 all at once to get your heart rate up for a longer period of time. Just move. You will see a difference in your body and stamina over a couple of weeks.

Feeling good about your body and confident in your ability to keep going is the key to staying on track. if you do fall out of routine, don’t beat yourself up. Everyday is a new day. simply pick up where you should have been on the day you missed. The best way to lose weight and feel great doing it, is to do it the healthy way. This means, don’t skip meals, use diet pills, or create an unrealistic goal. You must balance your meals and exercise, create a daily routine that you can stick with, and remind yourself of why you are doing that everyday.


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