A Healthy Arm for a Pitcher

Orioles Pitcher


A Healthy Arm for a Pitcher

A pitcher’s arm is a very powerful thing for a player to have. The arm it also, needs a lot of maintenance to keep it in the best shape. From icing every day, to playing your long toss, to getting in your regular bullpens, to stretching out your arm, just eating the correct foods, and finally to really work your mechanics.

When you are a pitcher you have to be very fit person. It may not seem like you need to be fit to play baseball period but for a pitcher it is most important. You on every pitch giving it your all to be able to make that 90 MPH is going to be either a strike or and out. So when we talk about eating correctly you are on a very strict diet to give you a lot of energy for the games.

Before every game all pitchers will stretch out all around there body to do their best ability out there. Pitchers must really focus on their throwing arm because if they do not stretch out correctly and they go out to throw they could possibly hurt their arm.

Playing your long toss is a huge thing for any player but most important for the pitcher. Playing catch is great and all for your arm but if you really want to get results you must play catch further and further away. It builds up strength in your arm. Eventually you will start being able to have stronger more crisp throws. Most players will get in their daily throwing but pitchers must always throw.

Pitchers must throw bullpens this is very important. A bullpen this is when a pitcher and a catcher go to the bullpen or anywhere in fact. The pitcher will throw a certain amount of pitches and they are given certain amount of strikes they need and they will be given situations. They need to get in all pitches and really focus on mechanics and hitting their spots.

When pitchers are finished throwing after a game most of the time they will put on a jacket or towels around their arms to keep it “warm” as we call it. This is for the muscles in your arm to really start relaxing. So when you wake up the next day you feel great when you throw the ball. But right before you go to bed any player should know you must take ice and just put it on your arm and have your 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off routine.

http://youtu.be/2p8eA7FB0qk is a highlight video of him in 2013 season.


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