Who and What is a Baby Boomer

Have you ever wondered exactly who are the Baby Boomers?  Well, the Baby Boomer is a generation of people who were born between 1946 and 1964 in the U.S..  and as WWII ended many of the soldiers returned home, married and started families.  This lead to a major increase in births in the United States which continued through 1964.  It’s said that there were over 79 million births during this time period thus earning the name Baby Boomers.
The Baby Boom was caused by people getting on with their lives and beginning to look forward to the future since many survived the “Great Depression”.   This particular generation of people are the only in history to have witnessed so much. From man being put on the moon to today’s growing technological age.  It is no wonder that this generation  is the most influential of any time as they are great trend setters!
As the Baby Boomer nears retirement age many have no plans on retiring.  Think about it the first group of Baby Boomers have turned 65 while others are nearing 50. This group of people are so innovative it is hard for most of them to see themselves as aging, they still see themselves as ageless.  Think of it over 75 million people who in their younger years were an economical force to be dealt with.  They were pushing the rates of home-ownership, consumer spending and, employment.  Many were struck out on their own and became self-employed since they hit their peak in the 1990’s and are destined to retire later in life than that of their parents. Which is not a problem for them.
This particular age group are committed to marriage or some form of relationship stability.  Some are still happily married to their high school sweet hearts, but more of the boomers have been married and divorced more than once, which elevated the divorce rate by more than half and made it appear normal.
The Boomers are now at the age that they are enjoying life with no thoughts of retirement in their future. Where do they go from here?
Freestate Staff

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