Who and What is a Baby Boomer

Have you ever wondered exactly who are the Baby Boomers?  Well, the Baby Boomer is a generation of people who were born between 1946 and 1964 in the U.S..  and as WWII ended many of the soldiers returned home, married and started families.  This lead to a major increase in births in the United States which continued through 1964.  It’s said that there were over 79 million births during this time period thus earning the name Baby Boomers.
The Baby Boom was caused by people getting on with their lives and beginning to look forward to the future since many survived the “Great Depression”.   This particular generation of people are the only in history to have witnessed so much. From man being put on the moon to today’s growing technological age.  It is no wonder that this generation  is the most influential of any time as they are great trend setters!
As the Baby Boomer nears retirement age many have no plans on retiring.  Think about it the first group of Baby Boomers have turned 65 while others are nearing 50. This group of people are so innovative it is hard for most of them to see themselves as aging, they still see themselves as ageless.  Think of it over 75 million people who in their younger years were an economical force to be dealt with.  They were pushing the rates of home-ownership, consumer spending and, employment.  Many were struck out on their own and became self-employed since they hit their peak in the 1990’s and are destined to retire later in life than that of their parents. Which is not a problem for them.
This particular age group are committed to marriage or some form of relationship stability.  Some are still happily married to their high school sweet hearts, but more of the boomers have been married and divorced more than once, which elevated the divorce rate by more than half and made it appear normal.
The Boomers are now at the age that they are enjoying life with no thoughts of retirement in their future. Where do they go from here?
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A Healthy Arm for a Pitcher

Orioles Pitcher


A Healthy Arm for a Pitcher

A pitcher’s arm is a very powerful thing for a player to have. The arm it also, needs a lot of maintenance to keep it in the best shape. From icing every day, to playing your long toss, to getting in your regular bullpens, to stretching out your arm, just eating the correct foods, and finally to really work your mechanics.

When you are a pitcher you have to be very fit person. It may not seem like you need to be fit to play baseball period but for a pitcher it is most important. You on every pitch giving it your all to be able to make that 90 MPH is going to be either a strike or and out. So when we talk about eating correctly you are on a very strict diet to give you a lot of energy for the games.

Before every game all pitchers will stretch out all around there body to do their best ability out there. Pitchers must really focus on their throwing arm because if they do not stretch out correctly and they go out to throw they could possibly hurt their arm.

Playing your long toss is a huge thing for any player but most important for the pitcher. Playing catch is great and all for your arm but if you really want to get results you must play catch further and further away. It builds up strength in your arm. Eventually you will start being able to have stronger more crisp throws. Most players will get in their daily throwing but pitchers must always throw.

Pitchers must throw bullpens this is very important. A bullpen this is when a pitcher and a catcher go to the bullpen or anywhere in fact. The pitcher will throw a certain amount of pitches and they are given certain amount of strikes they need and they will be given situations. They need to get in all pitches and really focus on mechanics and hitting their spots.

When pitchers are finished throwing after a game most of the time they will put on a jacket or towels around their arms to keep it “warm” as we call it. This is for the muscles in your arm to really start relaxing. So when you wake up the next day you feel great when you throw the ball. But right before you go to bed any player should know you must take ice and just put it on your arm and have your 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off routine.

http://youtu.be/2p8eA7FB0qk is a highlight video of him in 2013 season.

How To Lose Weight and Feel Great


With New Years just passing, many people have set a goal to lose weight this year. While it is a great goal, it is not a great idea to do it in an unhealthy manner. losing weight in a healthy way takes time and patience but in the end the results are worth the weight. losing weight the right way will also give you an energy boost and have you looking and feeling great along the way. There are many healthy way to lose weight and when you combine healthy eating, exercise, and a healthy sleeping routine, you are bound to get the results that you have craved for so long.


To begin, you want to drink more water. By incorporating more water into your diet, your body can better process food and run your organs. Drinking more water also helps cleanse your skin of toxins leaving you looking and feeling refreshed. The best way to do this is carrying water wherever you go. The benefits of drinking more water are enormous but  one of the important ones is that it can help lessen your appetite. Drinking 8 oz. of water before each meal prevents you from overeating. Which, in the long run, lowers your calorie intake and creates weight loss.

eat healthy

Another way to lose weight is to change your diet. Stick with grilled and broiled and not fried or sautéed foods. Replacing butter and cream for pepper and chives creates a healthier palate.  Watch for foods that are covered with stuff like bread crumbs or sauce; make it a habit to be able to see your food in its original cooked form without a mask. Eating foods in their original form (before the grease, breading, seasoning, and sauces) also eliminates all of the unneeded calories and fats.  If you crave chocolate, eat dark chocolate but keep it to a piece no larger than your powder compact. You can also replace your sweet tooth cravings with healthy sweets. Instead of having a strawberry milkshake, have a homemade strawberry smoothie, with just strawberries, nonfat yogurt and ice. The best thing to do is to be aware of exactly what you are eating. Not just to count your calories but to be conscious of how healthy your meals are. it is better to eat a meal with the daily nutrients you need than to eat a granola bar to keep your calories low.

Its understandable that some fatty foods or topping are choices you don’t want to cut from your diet. In this case, order yous fats on the side. When you order a salad, ask for the ranch dressing on the side. Yes, it’s fattening ranch, whatever, but instead of pouring it over your salad, dip your fork in it and then grab the veggies. This choice allows you have control of how much dressing is on your salad. This can also be great way to eat baked potatoes, hamburger (mayo on the side) or pasta with alfredo on the side. (Try to choose tomato sauce, it’s healthier.)

Fats on the side include:

  • mayo
  • creamy salad dressings
  • butter
  • sour cream
  • cream cheese

Another way to lose weight is to make your own meals. This is the healthiest way you can eat if you cook low calorie and low fat meals.  You have the control over every aspect of your meal and chances are you will add less fat, less sugar and less salt than any restaurant or fast food place. this also allows you to be aware of the amount of calories and nutrient you are taking in. To be honest, it will probably taste better too. Home cooked meals take time to cook and if you munch on some veggies or fruits while you cook, chances are you will not eat as much during your meals.

Now everyone has a splurge moment or a cheat day. Its normal. Pick your favorite food, pick a day of the week and eat it. For example,  if you love ice cream.  Save it for Friday nights when you can sit, watch a movie and enjoy my favorite snack. Looking forward to that evening all week will keeps you motivated to stay on track with my meal plan and exercise.

And you know what else? if you splurge every so often you are less likely to cheat during the week. It’s true.  It is like rewarding yourself for good behavior.


Now lets be honest, you can’t forget about exercise. work in some movement at least 30 minutes a day. this is why its better to eat healthy nutrient filled meals instead of a small unhealthy snack. The nutrients give you energy to keep moving. Also, after working out, you will feel a boost of energy. Personally, after a great work out, I want to do it all over again. You can even cut your moving into segments of 10 minutes 3 times a day but I would recommend the 30 all at once to get your heart rate up for a longer period of time. Just move. You will see a difference in your body and stamina over a couple of weeks.

Feeling good about your body and confident in your ability to keep going is the key to staying on track. if you do fall out of routine, don’t beat yourself up. Everyday is a new day. simply pick up where you should have been on the day you missed. The best way to lose weight and feel great doing it, is to do it the healthy way. This means, don’t skip meals, use diet pills, or create an unrealistic goal. You must balance your meals and exercise, create a daily routine that you can stick with, and remind yourself of why you are doing that everyday.

Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Very few people have the natural ability to walk up to deliver a perfect presentation without any sort of training—or fear.. Most speakers gain their excellence through practice, as well as through dedication to building the skills needed to increase their confidence and credibility as speakers. Here are a few pointers that will help you to overcome your fear of public speaking.                        


Realize the source of the fear. The source of your fear is this: not knowing what will happen when you are in front of people, giving your speech. Your fear is not that you don’t know your topic. It is that you don’t know what will happen when you go to deliver your speech

  • The fear of being judged, making a mistake, not measuring up, getting hurt either mentally or physically can get in the way of a good performance. Remember that people in the audience really want you to succeed. Nobody is standing there hoping you’ll be boring or bad.

Practice. Find business organizations, networks and clubs in your area  that can afford you the opportunity to practice. Remember to choose topics that you are already an expert on. Speaking on a topic that you are not familiar with will increase your stress, and impede on your performance.

Record yourself. Review it to see where you can improve. Have people who speak well watch your presentation to give you feedback. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn more every time you go out.

Prepare. Make sure you know the material that you’re going to cover. Make a detailed outline, and break it into basic points to memorize. Include sub points and the title of speech.

Face Down Your Fears. If you feel your knees turning to jelly out of fear, remind yourself that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Almost certainly, whatever it is that you’re frightened of won’t happen. If there is a real worry do something about it and then stop worrying. Remember, you can always rationalize yourself out of fear.

Breathe. Practicing a breathing exercise before you give a speech will relax your body and mind. Stand still and feel the ground beneath your feet. Just listen to your breathing and tell yourself there is no rush. You’ll now go on in a totally relaxed and confident mood.

Relax. Relaxing is the art of letting go. There are many ways to let go. You can imagine you’re made of rubber . Or you can sit in front of a mirror and make a horse’s laugh with your lips. Why not lie on a couch and pretend you’re floating?  Letting go un-tenses the body and makes you more at ease and relaxed.

Find a course for public speaking. If you haven’t yet taken a professional development course on public speaking, consider finding a public speaking training course appropriate for your needs. Learning the art of public speaking can reduce your fear of public speaking by teaching you what to do and what not to do.

Recognize that people can’t see your nervousness. When you’re walking out onto the stage toward the podium, no one knows you’re nervous. Your stomach could be in knots and you feel like you’re going to be sick, but you really aren’t showing nervous behavior. Sometimes, with public speaking, you think that people may notice you’re nervous. This makes you even more nervous. There are only a few subtle cues that show a person is nervous and they’re so small, that the ordinary person wouldn’t put more than 1 second into them. Don’t worry so much. People don’t see that extreme nervousness inside you.

  • Bluff. Stand tall, with shoulders back and chest out. Smile. Even though you don’t feel happy or confident, do it anyway. You will look confident and your body will fool your brain into thinking it is confident.

5 DIY Christmas Gifts For Friends and Family

Can you believe Christmas is already here? For all those who have yet to complete all of their Christmas shopping, here are some last minute, quick, cheap, and simple DIY Christmas gifts.

I will show you 5 easy DIY gifts that will spread some holiday cheer and brighten the faces of the ones around you.


Here is a simple gift that can brighten any home. All you need is a non-scented candle, a small glass plate, cinnamon sticks, hemp string (or festive colored ribbon), scissors, and a hot glue gun. First, take the cinnamon sticks and cut them to the length of the candle. Next, hot glue the sticks to the perimeter of the candle. Then, tie the hemp around the cinnamon sticks. Its as simple as that. As the candle melts, it will let off the scent of the cinnamon.


Here is a gift that anyone in any home can make use of. The only materials needed are sharpies, a coffee mug, and an oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. While your oven heats up, personalize your cup(s) with the message of your choice. Once you are finished decorating your mug, place it in the oven for 30 minutes. Be careful when you take the mug out of the oven. Let the mug cool off and your personalized mug is ready to be handed off.


Here is a sweet gift for your friends with a sweet tooth. All the ingredients you need for smores pre packaged and ready to cook.. The only things you need to create this tasty treat are chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, small plastic boxes, and ribbon or hemp string. simply place your ingredients in the containers, and use the ribbon to tie the containers together.

ornament2                           ornament3                              ornement1

Ornaments are a timeless gift that can be used year after year. You can do so much with plain, clear, sphere ornaments. here are a few ideas for ornament gifts. The picture to the far left is a clear ornament that was drizzled with glue, dusted with glitter, and left to dry. The picture in the center has numbered instructions. The only materials required are pledge, glitter, and your clear ornament. Lastly, the picture to the far right was opened and filled with pictures. These are just a few ideas of how to personalize plain clear ornaments.

hot coco

Lastly, here is a gift that can be given to both adults and children. Its an easy gift that will have people filled with joy. Its a single package of hot chocolate that is decorated to look like a reindeer. The only materials needed for this creative treat are prepackages hot chocolate (or coffee),  triangle bags with ties, pipe cleaners (antlers), red cotton balls (nose), googly eyes, and marshmallows. First pore the hot chocolate into the triangular bag then place small marshmallows on top. tie the bag with the tie then wrap the pipe cleaner around the tie and bend the pipe cleaner to shape it like antlers. use super glue to glue on the eyes and nose. do not use hot glue because it will melt through the bag. Also Elmer’s glue will not hold the eyes and nose on the bag. These are great gifts to give to those at your holiday party.

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Car-seat safety

Written by on November 15, 2013


Did you know that four out of five seats are improperly handled? The National Safe Kids Campaign reports an average of three mistakes per seat. The fact of the matter is that most parents are improperly using their child’s car seat and unintentionally installing them incorrectly. According to The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children 1 through 12 years old.

Car seat manufactures are consistently creating improvements to ensure your child’s safety while on-the-go. With the new elaborate features and bulkiness of the modern car seat, installation may become a tricky task for even the most precise individual. No matter how high the rating of your child’s seat, improper installation and common mistake can lead to a tragic accident.

Print out this check list as a helpful resource for your car seat safety

1. Loose seat: a common car seat mistake. In the event of an accident, loose seats may easily fly off and hit the seat in front of it causing severe injuries to the head or face. To check your child’s seat, grab onto it at the base and jiggle. If there is movement that is greater than one inch, than your seat is too loose. The best way to adequately tighten the seat is by putting your knee onto the seat and bear your weight down onto it. Tighten the seat as much as you possibly can. For infant seats, use your arm. Keep in mind that cars made prior to 1996 require an additional locking clip.

loose harness

2. Loose harness: the seat is in nice and snug, you think your child is safe, right? Think again, a loose harness can be more detrimental than a loose car seat. Should an accident occur the child may become ejected from the seat or even from the car, resulting in tragedy. Too check for accuracy, tighten the child in a try to pinch on the harness between your fingers. If you are able to do so, the harness is still too loose. There should be no slack and the harness should be snug against the child.

3. Harness straps are in the wrong slots: straps can break through a seat if in the wrong slots during a collision. Many convertible seats include three slots for harness straps: the two lower seats are designed for the rear facing position while the one on the top is created for effective restraints of a forward facing seat. Remember to check slot placement, especially when turning the seat around and always confirm with your car seat manual for information.

imagesCAEPZO3F4. Incorrect retainer clip use: clip placement should be at armpit level across the child’s chest thus holding straps firmly in the correct position. If the clip is placed too low, it can cause the straps to slip off shoulders or injury to the child’s stomach in the event of an accident. Double check placement once child is buckled in.

5. Rear facing seat not at the correct angle: modern car seats often have a feature which tells the parent if the angle of their seat is incorrect. When a car seat is angled too far forward, it may because the infants head to fall forward as well, causing a cutoff of airways. Check the level on the seat to ensure it is positioned at a 45 degree angle.

6. Infant turned forward prematurely: infants and small children should remain rear facing as long as possible and have met the height/weight capacity for their seat. At this time, the infant’s spinal cord is still forming and need the ultimate protection possible. When a seat is turned forward prematurely, an infant’s head can be propelled forward which can lead to paralysis or death. By keeping the seat in rear-facing position, the child can absorb the impact of a crash in his back which is the strongest part of their body at such a young age.

7. Using a recalled seat: let’s face it, items are recalled constantly and unless they are broadcasted on the news, many parents aren’t away which ones they are. Periodically check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for a current list of recalled seats. (The NHTSA website will provide you with other useful care seat information, so be sure to bookmark the page.) Some of the reason a car seat recall can be dangerous include flammable fabrics or faulty buckles and latches. Make sure to keep track of your seats model name, number, and manufacture date.

8. Improper use of a booster seat: both a lap and shoulder belt need to be in place with a booster seat. Often times, only a lap belt is applied resulting in serious injury. Without the shoulder belt, the child is at risk for being thrown out of their seat. Children up to 80 pounds and 4’9″ tall should be in a booster seat. Additionally, the result of using NO booster seat is just as dangerous as improper belt use, make sure that your child meets the height and weight requirements before removing the booster seat from the car.

Review the chart below for age recommendations for the different car seat stages.


Click here to find a Car Seat Check-Up Event in your area

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10 Fun Halloween facts

Written by on October 29, 2013

This list is chocked full of fun and informative facts that you may not have known about Halloween. Some are even down right laughable! Brush up on your Halloween trivia with these 10 informative facts.

1. In Hollywood, it is illegal to use Silly String on Halloween! Law breakers may face a fine of up to $1, 000 if caught red handed.


2. Both black and orange are known as Halloween colors. While orange is a symbol of strength and endurance, black is acknowledged as a symbol of death and darkness which is a reminder that Halloween once was a festival of life and death. Gold and brown are associated with harvest and autumn.

3. Weight gain from Halloween may average out to three pounds for trick-or-treaters.

4. The biggest Halloween parade/event in across the nation is the Village Halloween Parade held in New York City.


5. $330 million are spent on pet costumes. 


6. One of the most well known magicians, Harry Houdini died on Halloween night, 1926 from appendecitis as a result of three stomach punches.


7. The record for the most Jack O’ Laterns lit at once was held in Boston, Massachusetts with a whopping 30,128!

8. Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween.

9. In the U.K., white cats are considered bad luck, just the opposite of the thought in the U.S. of black cats.


10. Have you ever heard of Samhainophobia? The word refers to the fear of Halloween and  there are thousands of people which suffer from it.

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